Thursday, January 31, 2013

Super Bowl!!!!

Oh Boy, here we go!!  It's Super Bowl week are we are busy, busy, busy.  New Orleans has an area off of Canal Street called Super Bowl Boulevard and Bittersweet Confections has a booth!  It is open from Thursday through Sunday and we will have lots of delectable delights for all of the fans both locals and visiting to come and try.

Our menu for the booth is red velvet cup-side down cupcakes, brownies dipped in chocolate and then drizzled in white chocolate, pretzels that are dipped first in caramel and then chocolate, chocolate chip cookies and hibiscus tea.  Can you say mmmm' good?

We have been doing a lot of prep work leading up to this week, but there is only so much you can ahead of time especially when you are busy with all of the normal offerings for the shop.  The owner decided to put a halt on king cakes for this week in order to leave more time for Super Bowl production.  They were able to get into the booth Wednesday to start setting up and then the area opened to the public on Thursday at 5:00pm. 

Chocolate chip cookies
For the cookies we made batches of about 600 cookies at a time.  We scooped the dough and flattened them into little hockey pucks and then stored them in the cooler.  We will be baking the cookies fresh each day for the booth.

The brownies have had a few more steps.  We started the end of last week and made a batch of brownie batter for 12 half sheet pans, baked the brownies and then once they cooled we wrapped and stored them in the freezer.  Starting Wednesday we cut the brownies from the freezer (which is much easier than after they thaw) and half dipped them in dark chocolate.  Once the chocolate set they were then drizzled in white chocolate.  They kind of reminded me of a Little Debbie.......only much better!

Cupside down cupcakes
Just what are cupside down cupcakes you ask?  Well, they are basically cupcakes served in a cup.  This makes for a much easier transport to the site and can be a little easier for the patrons as well......less chance of dropping it.  We bake all of the cupcakes and freeze some extras immediately after they have cooled so no freshness is lost.  A little of the cream cheese icing is piped into the bottom of a small clear cup and then the cupcake is placed inside and additional icing is piped on top.  Last but not least a few red velvet cake crumbs are sprinkled on top for decoration.

The pretzels for the booth are really delicious.  We take pretzel rods and dip them into caramel and once the caramel has set we dip them first into dark chocolate and then drizzle them with white chocolate.  The combination of the salty pretzel with the sweet caramel and then the velvety chocolate is a little bit of heaven.

If you are in the NOLA area be sure to check out the booth and tell Cheryl that I sent you!

Oh, some super exciting news......I will be attending the ESPN NEXT Super Bowl Party on Friday night!  The party is one that ESPN throws to promote all of the upcoming athletes and based on pictures from last years event there should be many celebrities in attendance as well.  CeeLo Green is performing which will be awesome!  I'll report back with my celeb sightings and pictures from the event.

Tata for now and remember Life is Sweet so make the most of it!

Laissez les Bon Temps Rouler!

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  1. Thanks for sharing all of the delicious news from the Big Easy Stacey, what an amazing adventure you guys are living during such exciting fun times surrounding the Big Game "Superbowl" in NOLA!!! Wishing you lots of Love, Lane <3