Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My First Day.......well sort of

Ok, so I am finally getting started.  Well, sort of.......yesterday I told my boys good-bye and went down into New Orleans to Bittersweet Confections where I will be completing my externship.  I met with Cheryl, the owner, and got my official job description and went over company policies, etc.  I also got to meet a couple of my co-workers Grace and Andy. 

Grace is sort of a newbie like me, but she has been there for a little over a week and already looks to be having a great time.  She is a baker like me and looking at the schedule it looks like we will be working together a lot.  We already chatted a little yesterday and she is super sweet.  :) 

Andy is in the front of the house and seems to be one of Cheryl's key people.  I remember meeting him when I came to visit in July and he seems to be a pretty cool guy.  He is going to be teaching Grace and I all about the front of the house and the coffee/ espresso machine.  Oh boy!  You know I love coffee so I am really excited to actually learn the right way to make all of those yummy drinks.

Eric is the kitchen manager and will be my direct supervisor.  I'll get to meet him tomorrow on my first real day.  He writes up the schedule and since today (Tuesday) is my scheduled day off I thought I would go ahead and catch everyone up to speed.  (Hense, the My First Day.......well sort of) 

My biggest challenge thus far is parking.....lol  Since I am from little ol Tallahassee where pretty much every business has a parking lot, I'm not used to having to hunt for parking.......or parking on the street........or getting a contract for a parking lot......or just flat out paying for parking.  Anyway, everyone thinks its funny that it is the parking that is stressing me out.  Alas, I have found a lot that is a few blocks down on the same street that is $6 a day so that is where I will be shooting for getting a spot for now.  I have been told that there is a lot 3 streets over that is $4 a day, but while the walk would be great I just dont feel comfortable enough with the city yet.  I know, I know, quit being a weenie.  :)

I'll let ya know how the espresso machine tutorial goes.......keep it sweet!

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  1. Parking? that is what's streesing you out? I guess that's a good thing if that is the only stresser! I never did master an espresso machine, that's what waiter were for LOL :)