Friday, October 19, 2012

The time has come

Ok, so I know I have been completely MIA.  I have no excuses, just life and the craziness of it.  :)

I'm here and this time I can't fall back on my promise to keep everyone posted of my adventures in pastry.  Yesterday I moved to Slidell, LA to complete my externship in New Orleans at an awesome place called Bittersweet Confections on Magazine Street.  Seriously, this place is great!  If you are in the area you would be doing yourself a disservice if you didn't stop in and have a little something and if you are not in the area then you should at least check out their website at

I will be living with my mom and dad and I am super excited to have some time with them!!!!  My boys (husband Lane and son Brandon) are on their way here now for the weekend and I can't wait to show them where I will be working.  Anyway, my point is because I have now begun my externship I will be keeping up my blog on a regular basis because now not only will I actually have some things to share with you all, but keeping a journal is also a requirement for school.  :)

I have had a couple of adventures since my last post such as TWO WEDDINGS!!  As soon as I have some good pictures I will blog about the weddings. 

So, without further adieu.......the time has come!

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