Thursday, June 28, 2012

Cake Baking and Decorating

   Since I am a little late getting started with this whole blogging thing I will just start from the here and now and sprinkle little tidbits from the past as I go.  :)

My final class at Keiser is probably my most favorite one of all......Cake Baking and Decorating!  I have been hooked on cake and cupcake decorating for a long time, but it really took hold about 5 years ago when I took a couple of the Wilton classes offered at my local Michael's Art Store.  We are in our first week and have baked some pound cake, a rum cake (Uh, Yum!) and some hi ratio cakes (you know, the kind you normally get as a birthday cake, etc. from your local bakery).  Last night we made our icing and started with the decorating. 

Now, like I said it has been 5 years since I took a Wilton class and first learned to make the infamous icing rose........well, it has been about 4 years since I have made said rose and let me tell you the hands they forget.  Chef went over how to create beautiful roses and just said "See....easy!"  Sure it is (wink wink).  Actually once I tried a couple my hands started to remember (sort of) the movements and I feel much more comfortable than I used to.

This is the cake I decorated in class last night with my "ahem" roses.  you will notice that I chose to write Welcome Home and add a little yellow ribbon next to the roses.  Well, let me tell you the real story.  In placing my roses onto my cake one decided to take a nose dive and when I carefully flipped it back over it left a little spot of yellow on my beautiful white icing.......sooooo, I decided to cover it up with a ribbon, which looked like the yellow ribbon for our soldiers (to any soldier who may be reading this.....THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE), which lead to making it into a welcome home cake for a returning soldier.  Since I didnt know any that were coming home today it is a hypothetical welcome home.  :)  Anyway, I showed it to my Chef and this was the conversation......

Chef:  Welcome home?  Who are you welcoming home?
Me: Uh, a soldier, yeah, notice the little yellow ribbon?????
Chef: Uh huh, I'll bet he will really like the yellow roses.
Me: It's a girl soldier!
Chef: Ah ha, good idea! 

As I walked away smiling I thought to myself, thank goodness I chose yellow!

The real fun was when I brought the cake in to share with my co-workers and everyone who walked by asked......who are we welcoming home?  (shakes head)  Just enjoy the cake.  :)

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