Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Dessert Cakes

This week our focus is on dessert cakes.  Cakes like Red Velvet, German Chocolate, Coconut Cake, etc. etc. etc.  You get the idea. 

I have to admit that I made my very first angel food cake on Monday.......chocolate angel food cake of course!  It really wasn't nearly as challenging as I thought it would be and it will make a fantastic strawberry shortcake.  Since most of these cakes are still a work in progress so I will post pictures later.  We had to make an angel food cake, a chiffon cake, a cake roll, and two dessert cakes.  Sooooooo, I chose chocolate angel food cake, orange chiffon cake (this you will not receive a picture of because alas it did not make was totally delish though!), a pumpkin roll, coconut cake, and a german chocolate cake. 

As of last night all of the cakes are done.   Now on to the know all the goodies.  I have a lot to do tonight.  Coconut pastry cream, coconut pecan icing, meringue, strawberries........oh boy!

Oh my gosh, I almost forgot!  We were given our themes for our practical exam cakes on Monday night as well.  I say given because we each drew an object out of a bag for one of our other classmates.  Whatever that object was became our muse for our cakes.  Take a wild guess at my theme...........nope, not it..........nope, not it..........ok, ok I'll just tell you.  HOT WHEELS!  How cool is that?  I can't wait to design my cake and cupcakes around that. 

Have a fantastic hump day everyone and I'll see you on the screen later.  :)

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