Monday, July 9, 2012

More Wedding Fun

This weekend I rode down to Destin, FL with my sister in law and our chauffer (I mean my brother in Jack to check out some rentals for Mac & Tarah's wedding in September.  I think I found a great house for Lane and I to rent that will work for me prepping all of the wedding desserts, now just to negotiate on the rates........ugh, not my favorite part, but if I can get a little break on the weekly rate maybe Lane and I can stretch it into a little mini vacay before I leave for my externship the next month. 

We visited a few places that Pam and Jack are considering and chatted about the pros and cons of each one until I think we may have been a little more confused than when we started.  LOL  Ok, maybe not, but I do hope I helped them try and narrow down which place would best suit there needs as the parents of the groom and hosts of the rehersal dinner.  :)

We also visted the Destin Bay House where the wedding and reception will be held.  What a cute place!!!  I almost wish Lane and I were getting married again so we could have it there.  We werent able to get inside, but we peeked in the windows and I got a pretty good idea of the layout and what I will have to work with as far as the kitchen goes.  The kitchen is super tiny, but depending on what needs the caterer has (maybe I should just call dibs on the kitchen) we will be just fine.  I can't wait for their wedding! 

We finished up with dinner at a local landmark called The Donut Hole and had breakfast for dinner which was absolutely delicious!  I had such a great time with them and they certainly helped me out by letting me tag along with them so I could check everything out too.  Hopefully I helped them a little as well and maybe working together we can help Mac and Tarah have the truly magical day they deserve. 

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