Monday, July 9, 2012

Sweet 16

Last week we worked on designing cakes around a theme and cake construction.  We were tasked with making a 2 tier cake, a mini 2 tier cake, and a dozen cupcakes all coordinating under a specific theme.  I chose to "recreate" my daughters Sweet 16 cake.  Now again I was reminded to step out from what I have done before and create something new so that is just what I did.  I stuck with the same color scheme and if anyone reading this remembers her party you will recognize some of the features from her cake, but I did do a little change up as they say. 

The two tier features some polka dots, stripes and of course a couple of roses.  I went with a combination of the traditional rose and a couple of the ribbon roses.  The mini cake is an exact replica (almost) of the large cake and the cupcakes have the two main colors swirled together. 

I have to take a second to thank my instructor and all of my classmates (whether they read this and see it or not) because at the end of class everyone helped me box up cupcakes for my nephew Austin to take to his nurses.  My nephew is 17 years old and is battling a rare form of pediatric cancer and has to travel to Jacksonville (2.5 hours away) every week for his chemotherapy.  His nurses are absolutely amazing people who take such great care of him so every now and then we like to send them some treats as just a little thank you and this week my classmates really stepped up with the cupcakes.  I took these to Austin this weekend and he was so excited!  He said his nurses were hinting last week that they sure did love the goodies.  Wont they be surprised when he shows up this week!  :)

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