Thursday, July 5, 2012

Quick Catch Up

Geez, only my second week and I am already falling behind.  Sorry about that......but, I'm back with a quick little catch up. 

Where did we leave off????  Oh yea, with the dreaded flower spray last week.  On Monday I had one more cake to decorate and several things to bake for use the rest of this week.  I have to say I was very proud of myself because everything came out great.  Now I have two 10in. layers and two 8in. layers to make a stacked two tier cake, a 1/2 sheet to cut and make a mini 2 tier cake, and a dozen cupcakes to decorate later this week.  Did I mention the assignment is for all of them to coordinate.  Now I just have to pick a theme and get to it.

But first I have to decorate this chocolate cake.  Well, needless to say I wanted a break from flowers so I decided to finally make a birthday cake and pipe balloons onto the cake.  The border ended up being a little busier than I intended, but it really came out cute.  Not super happy with my piping skills in the writing, but I think I was a little overconfident and rushed some.  The balloons came out super cute though!

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