Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Mac & Tarah's Engagement Party

This weekend was the engagement party for Mac and Tarah and we had so much fun!  It was a luau theme and they had a country low boil and lots of dips and fruit and other munchies.  I prepared all of the desserts for the party and since we didnt want to duplicate anything for the wedding I decided to go with some of their other favorite desserts and the theme of the party.

We went with Key Lime tartlets, flip flop and palm tree sugar cookies, french macaroons with mango jam, and smores cupcakes.  Everything turned out great and everyone seemed to enjoy the treats. 

I did learn that I can't wait to have access to a commercial kitchen!  I was either baking or decorating all day Saturday and Sunday up until the party.  We had a total of 96 cupcakes (36 were for another birthday party that day......a special thanks to my delivery guys....aka my husband and son), 100 decorated sugar cookies, 48 key lime tarts, and probably around 100 macaroons.  Phew, I havent been that exhausted in a long time. I wouldnt have had it any other way.  I can't wait for the wedding!!!

I wish Mac and Tarah all the happiness they deserve and I am so blessed that they are allowing me to be a part of their special day.  Love y'all! 

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